CCloader Jailbreak App upgraded For iOS 8

CCloader Jailbreak App upgraded For iOS 8

CCLoader, the popular Control Center modification jailbreak extension by iOS developer Jonas Gessner, has been updated with official iOS 8 support tonight.

CCLoader allows you to hide and show sections from Control Center, customize their order in Control Center, force music controls only to appear when music is actually playing, and much more.

CCLoader is also an open source jailbreak tweak that other developers are free to improve on. Multiple CCLoader extensions exist in Cydia to make Control Center more powerful, and that’s why this update is a big deal. Some may require updating for iOS 8, while others will work out of the box.

To grab the latest version of CCLoader, just refresh your Cydia sources and then search for CCLoader using the search bar in the Cydia application.

Gessner also teases some other upcoming updates for more of his jailbreak tweaks, like ProTube, but more on that later!

Sources: Jonas Gessner

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