The iCloud Bypass and iCloud Unlock by doulCi

ICloud serves as a system that backs up all important information, files and other credentials for Apple users. Recently, there was a steady flow of criticism over the company’s obvious flaw in their security system, with many acknowledging the China hacking incident in 2014 as a result of the said flaw. The Chinese government was considered as the alleged brains behind the hacking, but spokespersons denied the allegation, saying that even the Chinese government was a frequent target of hacking attacks.

This has strongly prompted the Apple Company to address the problem quickly and efficiently. Working alongside a pair of operating system hackers who work for the company to develop a facilitative and downloadable application that can assist users with certain dilemmas they encounter with their iCloud systems. The hackers operate under the names MerrukTechnolog and AquaXetine, who have created what seems to be the world’s first ever alternate iCloud system. So if you have ever dreaded having all your important files and pieces of information taken from you, by losing your phone or for other various reasons, it looks like you won’t have to worry anymore!

The operating system hackers are working behind the team name doulCi. They have facilitated many iCloud system failures and specific instances that have wholly prevented users from using their iPhones. The iCloud system has always proven to be more resilient than other Apple applications, and the stubbornness of the app is still faced by users who can’t get around unlocking it.

Introduced here are the applications iCloud Bypass and iCloud Unlock, which have been growing popular at a fast pace since they were first released as fast downloadable applications. These applications do not really undermine the abilities of iCloud, but rather serve as aids whenever the system is preventing functionality because of certain lock down features that require large amounts of money for unlocking.

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