Improved security iOS 9

Improved security iOS


Apple want’s to improve the security of iOS 9 and OS X 10.11.

The following subjects are included in the update:



Apple wants to protect iDevices and Macs against malware and protect data. The new Rootless

security system on kernel level prevents unwanted access and can be turned off if needed.


iCloud Drive

Before Apple’s own apps like mail and notifications synchronize with an IMAP server. iCould Drive for

iOS 9 and OX X 10.11 provides end to end encryption. When synchronizing your data, it will be



Trusted WiFi

When connecting to trusted WiFi connections you won’t have to insert a password. When you

connect to a non-trusted network, your Apple device will use extended encryption. This prevents

your data to be stolen. 9to5 Mac tells us it isn’t sure this item will come with the next update. There

is a possibility it will be postponed to a future coming update.


The optimisations Apple plans is good news for the older devices like the iPhone 4s and iPad mini.

With the release of the Swift language, app’s will become smaller. Swift is an optimisation in

software and makes smoother run of the OS possible on older devices.

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