No Apple TV at WWDC 2015

No Apple TV at WWDC 2015

Bad news, it looks like Apple won’t release their new Apple TV during the WWDC 2015. A few days ago Apple brushed off these expectations already but there was still hope. Apple claims that this new product is under development and isn’t ready for release or demonstration. This news comes from people who were at Apple’s briefing about Apple TV.

Apple TV Content

An important factor is content. Apple want’s to provide a set of high quality channels, for a lower price than traditional cable providers have to offer. Because a lack of contracts with content providers, it’s to early to launch Apple TV. First they have to make some good deals regarding technology, rights and price.

What will Apple show at WWDC 2015?

They’ll show a development kit for their Apple Watch so developers have access to the heartrate meter and motion sensors. This WatchKit SDK gives them wide access so they can develop specific app’s using the hardware technology that can make or break the success of the Apple Watch.

This is the first new innovative product since Tim Cook took over the CEO function of Steve Jobs.

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