NSA preparing shutdown tap program

NSA preparing shutdown tap program

Due to the expiring Patriot Act next Monday, NSA prepares the shutdown of their tap program.

When this law won’t be extended the security agency has to stop collecting telephone recordings of

USA citizens.


Each year the American government needs to extend the Patriot Act. For a long time it was just a

formality but now it’s still a question if they will sign for it. There are lots of complaints and

resistance of USA citizens regarding NSA collecting metadata of the use of telephones.

Last week the senate vote against extension of the law. Los Angeles Times wrote that NSA is

preparing to shut down the tap program. Besides that the authorities of the FBI, like a tap order for

multiple telephone lines will be reduced when the law won’t be extended.


In the new proposal, providers have to save metadata for a period of time and the NSA can ask them

to retrieve data when needed in the same way the European law works.

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