Rumour: Apple introduces better system security for iOS 9 and OS 10.11

Rumour: Apple introduces better system security for iOS 9 and OS 10.11

The system files of Apple’s operating systems iOS and OS X will get a major security update. Rumour

says they will be expanded with Rootless, a feature that grants access to system files and keeps

malware outside.


This information comes from 9to5 Mac, which says their info comes from Apple itself.

Besides optimisations in their operating systems Apple would have focus to security in upcoming

updates. Rootless prevents unwanted access to major system files at kernel level. It would make

jailbrake a lot harder to comply.


The system applications from Apple are going to be synchronized with help of a secured i-Cloud

connection. This new feature replaces iMap, and has a better end-to-end encryption. The switch

from iMap to iCloud provides the user a popup, that gives the user the option to switch to the new

service. Apple will test a new function, called Trusted WiFi. This feature makes a difference between

trusted and non-trusted router connections to protect files.


Within the last major update, Apple introduced the language Swift. With Swift, app’s can be smaller.

For iOS 9 and OS X 10.11 the libraries are standard so app’s don’t have to be updated to implement



A while ago 9to5 Mac said that iOS 9 wouldn’t contain major new features, but that it would be a big

step in optimisation. The new software will provide a much better performance for older

smartphones and tablets like the iPhone 4s and the iPad mini.

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