Apple confirms livestream WWDC 2015

Apple confirms livestream WWDC 2015

Apple will present the keynote of WWDC2015 in a livestream next Monday. So you can watch with family and friends to the presentation. The WWDC livestream works on Apple TV, iPhone, iPad and Mac.

When you don’t have time to watch the WWDC 2015 live stream, then you can watch the iCulture review. Here you can watch all Apple product presentations and a clear overview of the specifications.

We expect they will present their new music streaming service and there is a chance they provide us with details about the upcoming tv service. Besides that we are looking forward to the detailed specifications of iOS9 and OS X.

Microsoft Windows 10 Price tags

Microsoft Windows 10 Price tags

Besides the free upgrade of windows 7, windows 8 and windows 8.1 you can order a license ofwindows 10 as well. Microsoft tells us the price of windows 10 will be the same as the retail price of windows 8.1.

Microsoft only presented price tags in dollars, but because the price of windows 10 is the same as windows 8.1 we assume this will be the same all over the world. Windows 8.1 Home costs 119 euroand Windows 8.1 pro is prices at 279 euro.

The free upgrade of Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 will be available for one year after release. After that it will cost 99 dollar to upgrade.

Rumors : New streaming service Apple

New streaming service Apple

Rumor says : Apple will announce their new streaming service next week for about 10 dollars a month. The Beats based service, won’t be offered for free with adds, but when you are member there are some tracks available without any cost. There is an option to test the service for free and Apple is planning a giant advertising campaign to promote this new service. Apple plans a direct assault on the iTunes member list, providing a streaming service for just 10 dollars a month.

They were a bit behind in this business and now, when the market is moving from download to streaming, it would be an ideal moment to step in.

There is still an issue, Apple doesn’t have contracts with the three big company’s Vivendi, Sony Music Entertainment and Warner Music Group. They are holding some cards and want to make a good deal with Apple.

Apple plans on bringing an app for Android as well, to provide access to their new service. Besides this new streaming service Apple works on tv streaming but it’s early days to come with some details.

Rumour says that there are some problems regarding licenses.

Secrets of the Apple Watch

Secrets of the Apple Watch

Here are some functions of the Apple watch that you probably didn’t know off. The Apple Watch is

on the market for some time now and lots of things we already know of but there are some that

could be new for you!


When your battery is empty, you can still read the time!

When the device camps with low power, it shuts down in Power Reserve mode. You can’t do

anything with it from that moment, but just like a normal watch, you can still read the time when the

Apple Watch goes in Power Reserve Mode. Nice to know.

You can set the time forward

When you are the kind of person who is always late for an appointment, then this is the perfect

function for you. You can set the time a couple of minutes in front, but the watch knows the real

time. So notifications like alarms will go off at the current time but shows the offset time you

programmed. It helps you to get out in time and It works amazingly well.


Share your location

If you are working with iMessage, you can easily share your location by using Force Touch. Just use

the Send Location option there.

Track your iPhone with your Apple Watch

Can’t find your iPhone? Use your watch to find it quick and easily. The watch can make your iPhone

bleep so you can follow your ears to track it down. It can save time and keeps up your mood.

Twitter and Snapchat vulnerable for iOS bug

Twitter and Snapchat vulnerable for iOS bug

The bug that makes your apple device crash when you receive a text message with Arabic language,

works with Twitter and Snapchat as well. Mikko Hypponen, security expert of the Guardian did some

research and tells us he managed to let Apple iOS 7 and iOS 8 devices crash using this text. He tells us

it works not only with Arabic signs, but in Chinese and Marathi as well.


Apple released a way to clear your crashed iOS device regarding the text message. A definitive

solution comes with improvement of the word processor in iOS. Apple claims they will soon release

an update to get rid of this bug.

Google adds content iOS apps in mobile search results

Google adds content iOS apps in mobile search results

Google plans on supporting iOS apps in their app indexing services. iPhone or iPad sers can see and

open content using the Google app or Chrome. Developers will have to make some changes to their

apps to make this work.

In the becoming next weeks the first iOS apps will appear in the search results. It’s just a test wilt a

small selection of apps. The results will appear when searching in Chrome and the mobile search app

of Google on the Apple platform. Google’s example is when you search to reserve a table in a

restaurant, the first result is the iOS app OpenTable with a direct link to reserve a table within the


Developers have to do some modifications regarding their app’s. The deeplinking option has to be

on, and they have to support iOS deeplinks to their website. Google supports app indexing for

android apps for years already, since last year all of the Android apps are indexed. Besides that,

Google gives Android suggestions based on search behaviour, like app’s that are never used or

installed, but which contains relevant content for the user.

Google making more money on Apple then on Android

Google making more money on Apple then on Android

75% of the mobile advertising income comes from iOS search results says the investigation of

Goldman Sachs. 50% is coming from the mobile Safari browser, because Google is the standard

search engine in iOS. There is a chance Google will lose a lot of this income because Apple is making

plans for alternatives.

The investigation tells us that Google has made 11.8 billion dollars of revenue by mobile advertising.

9 billion dollar comes from Apple devices like the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Remarkable because

there are more Android then there are iOS devices.

The deal between Apple and Google, that Google is the standard search engine in iOS will end this

year. There is a chance that iOS 9 will have another standard search engine, like Yahoo or Microsoft.

Apple has start negotiations. Google pays Apple somewhere between 1 and 2 billion dollars each

year to be the standard search engine. But when the deal comes to an end, it could have a big impact

on Google’s advertising income in the mobile market.

New bug let’s iPhone crash

New bug let’s iPhone crash

The message app of iOS contains a bug, which can let an iPhone crash. When typing a specific range

of characters in the message app, it will force a reboot of the phone. When the message app is

opened again, an immediate reboot will follow. It’s hard to access the message app without

rebooting your iPhone.

There are some solutions for the bug, like sending a text message to yourself. When the message app

was opened at the moment the message with specific characters came in, the issue can be solved by

sending a next message.

When the messages app was opened with a list-display, it will continuously crash. The solution is

again sending something to yourself. This is possible using Siri, option send message. Or open a

random app and use the share options. (send a photo to yourself or something).

If your iPhone bug is so annoying that you can’t manage to send something to yourself, you can

always let somebody send you a message. That works as well.


It’s not the first time a specific range of characters makes messenger apps crash. When you get a

message like this, it’s not a coincidence. The sender wants you give you a hard time. Apple knows

about this problem and is working on a solution to prevent this irritating problem.


Explain :

لُلُصّبُلُلصّبُررً ॣ ॣh ॣ ॣ

Improved security iOS 9

Improved security iOS


Apple want’s to improve the security of iOS 9 and OS X 10.11.

The following subjects are included in the update:



Apple wants to protect iDevices and Macs against malware and protect data. The new Rootless

security system on kernel level prevents unwanted access and can be turned off if needed.


iCloud Drive

Before Apple’s own apps like mail and notifications synchronize with an IMAP server. iCould Drive for

iOS 9 and OX X 10.11 provides end to end encryption. When synchronizing your data, it will be



Trusted WiFi

When connecting to trusted WiFi connections you won’t have to insert a password. When you

connect to a non-trusted network, your Apple device will use extended encryption. This prevents

your data to be stolen. 9to5 Mac tells us it isn’t sure this item will come with the next update. There

is a possibility it will be postponed to a future coming update.


The optimisations Apple plans is good news for the older devices like the iPhone 4s and iPad mini.

With the release of the Swift language, app’s will become smaller. Swift is an optimisation in

software and makes smoother run of the OS possible on older devices.

NSA preparing shutdown tap program

NSA preparing shutdown tap program

Due to the expiring Patriot Act next Monday, NSA prepares the shutdown of their tap program.

When this law won’t be extended the security agency has to stop collecting telephone recordings of

USA citizens.


Each year the American government needs to extend the Patriot Act. For a long time it was just a

formality but now it’s still a question if they will sign for it. There are lots of complaints and

resistance of USA citizens regarding NSA collecting metadata of the use of telephones.

Last week the senate vote against extension of the law. Los Angeles Times wrote that NSA is

preparing to shut down the tap program. Besides that the authorities of the FBI, like a tap order for

multiple telephone lines will be reduced when the law won’t be extended.


In the new proposal, providers have to save metadata for a period of time and the NSA can ask them

to retrieve data when needed in the same way the European law works.

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