Rumour: Apple introduces better system security for iOS 9 and OS 10.11

Rumour: Apple introduces better system security for iOS 9 and OS 10.11

The system files of Apple’s operating systems iOS and OS X will get a major security update. Rumour

says they will be expanded with Rootless, a feature that grants access to system files and keeps

malware outside.


This information comes from 9to5 Mac, which says their info comes from Apple itself.

Besides optimisations in their operating systems Apple would have focus to security in upcoming

updates. Rootless prevents unwanted access to major system files at kernel level. It would make

jailbrake a lot harder to comply.


The system applications from Apple are going to be synchronized with help of a secured i-Cloud

connection. This new feature replaces iMap, and has a better end-to-end encryption. The switch

from iMap to iCloud provides the user a popup, that gives the user the option to switch to the new

service. Apple will test a new function, called Trusted WiFi. This feature makes a difference between

trusted and non-trusted router connections to protect files.


Within the last major update, Apple introduced the language Swift. With Swift, app’s can be smaller.

For iOS 9 and OS X 10.11 the libraries are standard so app’s don’t have to be updated to implement



A while ago 9to5 Mac said that iOS 9 wouldn’t contain major new features, but that it would be a big

step in optimisation. The new software will provide a much better performance for older

smartphones and tablets like the iPhone 4s and the iPad mini.

Android 5.2 has already been spotted on the Nexus 5

Android 5.2 has already been spotted on the Nexus 5

Google may still be sitting on its Android 5.1 Lollipop update, but someone, somewhere, is already running Android 5.2 on a Nexus 5.

The software was spotted in Geekbench benchmark results, and it indicates the Google isn’t slowing it down when it comes to addressing problems and bringing new features to its latest Android operating system.

Since it first rolled out Android 5.0 last November, Google has already issued Android 5.0.1 and Android 5.0.2 updates — mostly to address bugs. The company is also close to releasing Android 5.1, which is already shipping on some Android One devices and brings a number of new features.

While it may seem unlikely that the search giant is already testing Android 5.2 — before Android 5.1 has reached even its own Nexus devices — it’s certainly possible that a small few at Google are already testing it.

If this update adds new features or makes other significant changes, it will need plenty of testing before it makes its way into public hands. What’s interesting, though, is that the software is being used on a Nexus 5, rather than the latest Nexus 6.

It’s also possible that this isn’t Android 5.2 at all, but rather a Nexus 5 running a custom ROM that is incorrectly reporting its software version — perhaps intentionally in the hope that it will be spotted by someone, and generate some speculation.

Google will certainly release Android 5.2 at some point – we can be certain of that, but we’ll have to wait and see whether it’s as close as these benchmarks would lead us to believe.

Source: CultofAndroid

Here’s how much gold you get in the 18K Apple Watch Edition

Here’s how much gold you get in the 18K Apple Watch Edition

Apple hasn’t yet announced prices for its top-of-the-range Apple Watch Edition 18-karat gold timepieces, but if you think it’s going to be anything much under $5,000, you’ve got another thing coming.

Greg Koenig, co-founder of Luma Labs, recently performed a calculation to find out an approximate figure for the gold content of the forthcoming 42mm gold Apple Watch. While Koenig notes that his guess is a “very rough estimate,” it still makes for interesting eye-watering (iWatering?) reading.

His guess? 29.16 grams — which translates to $853.82 at today’s gold prices. And that’s without even taking the electronics into account.

Koenig also notes that his estimation is “missing some parts” including the crown, button, strap clasps and molding runners. His model is just an approximation — based on an average wall thickness of 1.15mm between the thicker structural areas and the thinner sections — but it’s still enough to give some sense of how pricy this device will likely be.

As a few comparisons (also from Koenig’s Twitter), a gold Rolex Sub costs $38k, with a raw gold value of $4k. A Tiffany & Co pendant, meanwhile, costs $1450 price, based on just $175 worth of gold. It really is no wonder Apple plans to keep them in safes at Apple Stores.

Hey, at least the rest of us can feel happy with our $349 basic models, while also making our house payments for the rest of 2015!
Source : CultofMac

New lawsuit offers another clue that Apple is building an electric car

New lawsuit offers another clue that Apple is building an electric car

Given that Apple can’t make an iPhone with a battery life of more than (best case scenario) a couple of days, how would it ever manage with a far more power-intensive technology like, say, an electric car?

It seems that this is exactly the question being asked in Cupertino — and the attempt to answer it has landed Apple with a new lawsuit, filed earlier this month in Massachusetts federal court.

As per the complaint, back in June last year, Apple reportedly began an “aggressive campaign” to poach top engineers from the electric car battery maker A123 Systems. The engineers were responsible for performing critical development and testing activities on cutting-edge electric vehicle batteries.

“Apple is currently developing a large-scale battery division to compete in the very same field as A123,” the lawsuit reads. If you’re wondering what the “very same field as A123’ would be, the answer is “advanced energy storage for electric-drive vehicles,” according to A123’s web page. A123 says that it has created more lithium-ion hybrid systems for transit buses than any other manufacturer in the world.

According to the suit, Apple has got the five new employees carrying out the same job in Cupertino, thereby violating noncompete and nondisclosure agreements. The first employee to leave A123 also reportedly helped recruit the other four people who left the company: resulting in a considerable loss of income for A123.

The complaint also alleges that Apple is targeting battery experts from other companies including LG, Samsung, Panasonic, Toshiba, and Johnson Controls. A123 is asking for an unspecified judgement, and one-year order barring the defendants from working on any technology that directly competes with its business interests.

Although it is still very much a rumor, there is more and more circumstantial evidence to suggest that an Apple Car could be in the works. Jony Ive talked about cars in his New Yorker profile, much like Tim Cook discussed wearables prior to the Apple Watch being announced. The Wall Street Journal, meanwhile, claims Cook approved a secret car project more than a year ago, and that Apple is currently assembling a 1,000-person team to take on Tesla Motors.

With a potential $50 billion on top of Apple’s existing revenues, there’s definitely every rea$on for Cupertino to explore this product category. Although it’s definitely not going to make too many friends in the automotive industry by doing so.
Source : CNET

British banks will securing their apps with Touch ID

British banks will securing their apps with Touch ID

In a U.K. industry first, two major banks in the United Kingdom are finally adding Touch ID identification to their iOS apps.

RBS and NatWest customers must activate the feature using their existing security information, but can use Touch ID after that. As with the Touch ID login on iPhone, users who get three failed login attempts to their banking services will have to re-enter their passcodes.

While certain in-app features — mainly related to withdrawing money — will require extra verification, it’s a further example of just how widespread Touch ID adoption is, less than eighteen months after being introduced.

Don’t worry, though: if you’re concerned about possible security issues, the feature is entirely optional.

According to the two Brit banks, a total of 880,000 customers use iOS banking on the Touch ID-equipped iPhone 5s, 6 and 6 Plus. The banks claim that close to 50% of their combined 15 million person customer base uses online banking, and 3 million access their accounts using a smartphone or tablet app.

Although this is a new service in the U.K., in the United States, American Express, Discover and U.S. Bank already take advantage of Apple’s fingerprint recognition service, alongside a number of different financial planning tools such as Simple.
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Samsung tries to buy its way onto Apple Pay’s turf with LoopPay

Samsung tries to buy its way onto Apple Pay’s turf with LoopPay

Samsung has bought its own Apple Pay competitor with LoopPay, a U.S. startup that makes cases and accessories for wirelessly transmitting card data with a magnetic signal.

First rumored back in December, Samsung will allegedly integrate LoopPay’s technology into its upcoming phones in an effort to ride the growing mobile payments trend created by Apple Pay.

“We are excited to take our relationship with LoopPay to the next level, by bringing consumers a mobile wallet solution that is not just safe and reliable, but also widely accepted at more locations than any competing service,” said David Eun, EVP of Samsung’s Global Innovation Center.

LoopPay prides itself on working with basically every payments terminal out there. Here’s how it works: you swipe credit cards and reward cards with a Square-like reader plugged into your phone. The app recognizes and stores the cards for you to pay with. Hold your phone with the LoopPay case on to a terminal, press a button, and a magnetic symbol replicating a card swipe is sent.

A key fob can also be preloaded with cards and work the same way. The LoopPay digital payment card (similar to Plastic and other all-in-one solutions) can be placed in the phone case or used on its own.

Samsung’s new Galaxy phone lineup, expected to debut next month, will assumedly integrate the technology so users can store multiple cards without needing an additional case.

Apple Pay, while more secure, does not replicate traditional card swipes — Apple has been clear that it wants to move the industry away from the outdated magnetic stripe system. Instead, individual tokens are created to authenticate each transaction instead of using your actual card number, and Apple Pay requires a terminal to be equipped with NFC.

A Consumer Reports study of mobile payment platforms found LoopPay to be the most accepted and convenient solution, but it scored the lowest in privacy and security when compared to Apple Pay, Google Wallet, and Softcard.

Top Bidder Fail to Pay for Special Sony PlayStation 4

Top Bidder Fail to Pay for Special Sony PlayStation 4

Eye-popping bids for a retro-themed, special edition model of the PlayStation 4 console, some topping Y15 million ($129,000), turned out to be a little too rich after all.

Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. said the top bidders for unit No. 00001 ultimately declined to pay up and the model will now be displayed at the company’s showroom in Tokyo.

“We thank for everyone who participated in the campaign, and we appreciate understanding on the auction outcome,” Sony said in a statement.

Sony held the auction last month, after introducing the retro-themed consoles last year in honor of PlayStation’s 20th anniversary. It had offered to donate the price paid to charity along with a matching gift from the company. Normal PlayStation 4 consoles are available for around Y40,000 and other special edition models were priced at Y49,980.

Sony said it would still make a planned matching gift part of a donation to charity, adding an amount based on a Twitter promotional campaign to bring the total to around Y15.16 million.

Source : The Wall street Journal

Apple opens iWork iCloud apps for anyone, no need to own an Apple device

Apple opens iWork iCloud apps for anyone, no need to own an Apple device

Apple appears to be aiming to tempt Android and Windows users to try out its iWork apps, making Pages, Numbers and Keynote for iCloud available to anyone, with no requirement to own an Apple device. A new banner promoting the offer was last night added to the iCloud beta site, …

The ability to use iWork for iCloud apps is of course of no use without storage space, so accounts created in this way get 1GB of free iCloud storage.

It’s not known at this stage whether Apple plans to roll out the offer to the main iCloud site, or is merely testing the waters on the beta site.

CCloader Jailbreak App upgraded For iOS 8

CCloader Jailbreak App upgraded For iOS 8

CCLoader, the popular Control Center modification jailbreak extension by iOS developer Jonas Gessner, has been updated with official iOS 8 support tonight.

CCLoader allows you to hide and show sections from Control Center, customize their order in Control Center, force music controls only to appear when music is actually playing, and much more.

CCLoader is also an open source jailbreak tweak that other developers are free to improve on. Multiple CCLoader extensions exist in Cydia to make Control Center more powerful, and that’s why this update is a big deal. Some may require updating for iOS 8, while others will work out of the box.

To grab the latest version of CCLoader, just refresh your Cydia sources and then search for CCLoader using the search bar in the Cydia application.

Gessner also teases some other upcoming updates for more of his jailbreak tweaks, like ProTube, but more on that later!

Sources: Jonas Gessner

ESPN iOS App going for an new fresh style

ESPN iOS App going for an new fresh style

Up until now, ESPN has had two separate apps on iOS for news and scores, one designed for iPhone (SportsCenter) and another for iPad (ScoreCenter). Well, starting today, that’s about to change. The Worldwide Leader in Sports announced that it is, finally, unifying its apps on Apple’s platform, mashing them into a single application that’ll be known simply as “ESPN.” The newly consolidated app doesn’t just bring a rebranding, however — it’s also completely redesigned and developed to take advantage of iOS 8, which you’ll need to have on your device in order to download it. As such, you can expect the ESPN app to support the bigger, higher-res screens of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, a feature that’s been long overdue.

Aside from that, the home screen now shows more content that you want to see, namely from sports and teams that you follow closely, while the new article viewer does a great job at placing images and videos front and center. On the iPad, ESPN’s app takes advantage of the larger display by letting you view the three main tabs — Favorites, News and Now — all at once, making sure that you don’t miss a beat in what’s happening across the sports bubble. One of the best things about the app on the iPad is the icon carousel located toward the bottom-right corner, which gives you quick access to your favorite teams with a simple tap — even better, it does so by letting you click on the logos for each, and you can swipe across to see more teams you’ve added to your list.


The app’s rebranding is also making its way to Android today, but the aforementioned features will have to wait, unfortunately. ESPN says an overhauled app is coming to Google’s mobile OS in “a few months,” noting that it will be “miles better” than the current version. Similarly, as it prepares to celebrate its 20th anniversary in April, is set to get redesigned too, complete with a similar look to that of the new iOS app and featuring a fully responsive site that’ll adjust its content for any screen, desktop or mobile.

“We are trying to bring these experiences together in a package that’s personalized,” says John Kosner, ESPN’s executive vice president of digital and print media. “The ambition here is really global. We want the same look and feel rolling out [to other ESPN properties] over the next 12 to 18 months.” ESPN’s app for iOS 8 is expected to start rolling out today, so keep an eye out for it.

Source : ESPN



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