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iCloud Bypass Tool –Bypass icloud activation lock

Is Apple’s iCloud really that safe and secure? This doesn’t seem to be the case.
In September 2014 Apple was hit by the so called ‘Fappening’, the private (and sometimes spicy) photo’s belonging to dozens of celebrities where hacked and leaked onto the world wide web. Of course, Apple started an investigation in cooperation with the FBI.

How was this iCloud Bypass possible?

In theory, that’s quite simple. Apple provided the service called “Find my Phone” which should have a protection against so called brute-force or dictionary-attacks. ‘Somehow’ the hackers discovered a method to circumvent this security and were able to push massive amounts of login attempts onto a collection of accounts. Apple claims to have solved this security leak, but the number of hacked accounts is unknown.

iCloud Bypass

Bypass icloud activation lock

Interested in bypass icloud activation lock ? Want to know what iCloud bypass is?
It’s all about stolen Apple equipment, like iPhone’s. In the past a thief was unable to use a stolen iPhone.

But, in march 2014 DoulCi team was able to perform an iCloud hack and they could bypass iCloud. ‘Locked’ iPhones could be unlocked by this iCloud bypass. Good news for users that lost their credentials and bad news for iPhone owners as a stolen iPhone was worth 5 times the value than before the iCloud bypass.

Method behind the iCloud bypass

In theory it was no more than a man-in-the-middle attack, where the hackers created a fake Apple server that would communicate with the stolen/lost device. Thereby giving the hackers the ability to do a iCloud bypass and unlock the device.
Of course it was way more complicated than that. First of all, it took the dedicated hack team more than 5 months to create a fake Apple server (Albert). As it was almost seen as a fact that Apple could not be hacked made iCloud bypass performed by DoulCi team World news.
It’s obvious we have way more information regarding this hack, but to prevent further ‘unwanted developments’ we are unable to provide more technical details..

The number of unlocked iPhone is beyond 80.000 at this moment. The price of a locked iPhone was 50 to 100 Euro before the iCloud bypass and now, a unlocked iPhone can be sold for 300 Euro or more.

iCloud Bypass –Bypass icloud activation lock

A stolen or lost iPhone is locked and unusable to the finder/thief, but after the two Dutch hackers performed the iCloud hack, everybody was able to unlock any Apple device via this iCloud bypass. Simply by setting up a fake Albert-server which Apple uses to communicate with devices like iPhones. The device can be unlocked and used again by the new owner, increasing the value of the device by a factor five.

DoulCi iCloud bypass – hack

DoulCi 1.0 will be open source in the week June 2015. DoulCi 2.0 will be delivered after the open source version of 1.0. This time for real. We had a major delay, because Apple was trying to take the website and iCloud hacks files down. But very good friends (lawyers) helped us with some very good disclaimers and other advice.

Because Apple was still targeting us, we added a new domain for the files, www.doulci.net which will be the main channel of communications by the DoulCi team.

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